Hello there. I’m Ethel. Welcome to my web page. Here is where I will attempt to give you a day by day account of everything that happened at 623 East 68th Street. That’s where I live with my husband Fred. Ever since we rented 3-D to the Ricardos, life has never been the same. Now, it may take quite a while to write all this but if you check back often, I’m sure you will have fun and be pleased to read all about the shenanigans that went on here on 68th Street in New York City. If you would like to help… here’s what ya do. Take an episode of I Love Lucy and write a description of the entire episode from start to finish. Be VERY descriptive. But it needs to be COMPLETELY FROM MY POINT OF VIEW. Everything “I”, Ethel, would have seen, done or experienced in any way. Then, send your description to me at Ethel@EthelMertz.com.

Confused? See the first three episodes of the series as a sample on this website. Click the “DIARY” tab above and see what I mean. Thanks in advance for the help. I need it. oh, and you will get full credit for what you write.