Be A Pal

me at LucysI went over Lucy’s and she was upset because she thinks Ricky is losing interest in her. So I suggested she read the book-of-the-week selection by Dr. Humphreys, How to Keep the Honeymoon from Ending. Chapter one suggests the wife dress up for breakfast. The next morning I went over Lucy’s to see how things went. I grabbed a doughnut from her jar and when I first started talking to her, she thought I was on the telephone.Lucy dressed up Anyway, she looked great. When I asked if everything was okie dokie. She said, “no. Everything was inky-stinky”. She said he didn’t even notice her. I couldn’t imaging why it didn’t work. Chapter two was the “Ba a Pal System”. Share your husbands interests. Join in his hobbies. If he hunts, take up hunting. If he fishes, take up fishing. If he golfs, take Playing Pokerup golfing. So I sat down with her and began to teach her to play poker. Except the only thing I know about poker is that it’s a lot like hearts, only ya bet, and there isn’t any old maid. Then Lucy joined Ricky with Fred, Hank and Charlie in a poker game. I evenI peeked in peeked in on them. From what I understand, she beat them badly. The next morning I came to Lucy to see how things went this time. Not so good. So I read in the book, Chapter three. One thing to remember about the ‘Be A Pal System’ in Chapter two, If you play games with your husband, be sure not to beat him. Dr. Humphreys next suggestion was that the wife Pardon me misterbecome a mother. Surround him with things that remind him of his childhood. I wouldn’t be surprised if her whole trouble is that Ricky misses Cuba. She should fix the place up so that it will remind him of his happy childhood in Cuba. So we decided to buy a record that I would play in the kitchen while she dances and mouths the words to one of his mothers songs. She decorated her apartment with palm trees, sombreros, a flock ofLucy & Me & Ricky chickens, and a mule. I dressed up like a cuban bandito and sat on the chair and once Ricky discovered me, I ran into the kitchen to start the record. Lucy came out wearing a bunch of fruit on her head and began to “sing” and dance for him. She even had 5 little boys from the neighborhood dress up like Ricky’s brothers. Ricky said he didn’t like it. If he wanted things like Cuba he would have stayed in Havana. That’s the reason he married her because she was so different from anyone he knew in Cuba. Then Be A Palhe confirmed his love for Lucy and they kissed.

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