I Want To Go To A Nightclub

It’s Fred’s and my eighteenth wedding anniversary and I want to celebrate it by going to the Copacabana with Lucy & Ricky. I vowed that at least once before I die Fred was going to take me to a nightclub on our wedding anniversary. I told Lucy my plan of mentioning the nightclub in discussion with the boys but she told me that Ricky won’t bound to his feet at the mention because he hates nightclubs. I thought Lucy’s life would be just one gay round of nightclubs. Lucy thought that too but as she put it, “Ever since we said, ‘I Do,’ there are so many things we don’t.” So we decided to be real nice to them so they’ll take us to the Copa. Fred discussed the celebration with Ricky and they planned to take me and Lucy to the fights. Well, that’s the last thing I want to do. We all argued. Lucy and I finally decided that we’ll go nightclubbing without our husbands and with dates. Lucy said we could go with Little Boy Blue & Peter Cottontail. She was just trying to put up a big front while the boys were in the room. Lucy’s 11 year old address book didn’t help. She called everybody in it from George Anderson & Howard Thompson all the way to Paul Wagner & Sam Zabbayoni

Lucy & EthelLucy ended up calling her friend Ginny Jones, a singer at the Starlight Roof, to get dates for us. But Ginny told Lucy that the boys just did the same thing. They called her to arrange for blind dates to go and spy on us at the Copa. So Lucy told Ginny to get them dates, and to build up these two beautiful blind dates and tell them we will meet thRicky playin' guitarem at Ricky’s apartment at 8 o’clock. The dates were me and Lucy. We dressed up like country bumpkins and showed up at their apartment. The evening went pretty well with me and Lucy doing some old hillbilly schtick. Ricky even sang Guadalajara. But Lucy eventually gave herself away by reaching for some cigarettes hidden in a desk drawer. Of course, how would she knowFred and Me they were in there if it were somebody Ricky never met before? So the gig was up and to celebrate my anniversary, we all ended up at the fights! Happy anniversary to me.
me and Lucy

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